Support the Pool at the June 28 School Board Meeting

An article appeared in this week’s Clinton Courier about the Clinton Central School Board’s discussion about the future of the pool. At the May 24 Board of Education meeting, the Courier reports, Facilities Committee Chairman Mike Lewis indicated that this could be the last year for the pool. Lewis was quoted in the Courier as saying “I believe the pool is an asset to the community but it needs a lot of work and there are tough times.”

School Superintendent Matt Reilly, on the other hand, said in the Courier that it was premature to suggest that the pool has outlived its usefulness. Reilly told the Courier that they were still working on a plan.

The pool, in fact, has recently been quite useful for the community. During the 2010 season, the pool had more than 3,000 bathers…an average of 51 swimmers each day. There were 53 family membership, up from 38 in 2009.

Dawn Burdick, Clinton Youth Foundation (the pool) VP, noted that “the pool was the last thing this community has for kids during the summer and what a shame it would be to lose it.” A shame indeed.

How can you help? Attend the June 28 School Board Meeting and tell them how valuable the pool is to the Clinton Community.

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