As reported in the Clinton Courier web edition

The Clinton Central Board of Education voted 5-2 to delay until its March 27 meeting a final decision to close the 50-year-old Jack Boynton Community Pool.

The last-minute decision on Dec. 20 is intended to give the association that operates the pool under a license agreement with the school district three months to come up with a way to legally and financially support the facility.

School board president Tim Elgren repeatedly stated the district will not spend “another dime” to pay for liability insurance and personnel to maintain the pool. nor can the pool association simply pay the district the cost of either. It must a way to take over all expenses association with the pool as well as the legal ownership of the facility.

He stressed the district has violated state law for decades by using public funds to support the pool, however small the amount has been, and on the advise of legal counsel, it must close the pool it owns but does not use.

[Complete details on this story in the Dec. 28 issue of the Clinton Courier]

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